The strong imaginary of RARY explores new territory by mixing hyper-real digital prints with trompe l’oeil effects.

Feminine silhouettes with a contemporary attitude turn original extravagant visuals,

decorated with 3D handmade embroideries, into a trademark for the brand.

RARY visionary wonderland draws its inspiration by the seemingly limitless mood board of a digital landscape, which inspires contemporary textures masterly translated in a kind of magic mash-ups of art references, childish reminiscence and photographic elements.

Fashion in an age of technology calls for a project able to reconciliate the handmade and the machine-made in the creation of new languages for avant-garde ready-to-wear. RARY blends harmoniously the hand embroidered patterns and the digital patterns created by machines.

Bi-dimensional patchworks turn away from a digital environment to blend with tangible

hand crafted and embellishment techniques that combine prints, colours and embroideries, ending up processed into a pretty fashionable collection of a unique recognisability.